The link between lung diseases and skin disorders

Illnesses such as bronchitis and eczema are both common. Often, even within the same family. The exact cause is not fully understood, but it is a fact that the cells of the mucous membranes, lungs and skin in about the fourth week of pregnancy are simultaneously created. That gives the relationship between the tissues immediately.


A thread of lung diseases such as bronchitis, asthma and skin disorders and / or eczema within a family usually indicates that there is a genetic disorder. Often a parent of a child with eczema or other type of rash suffer from bronchitis or vice versa.  In that case it is a genetic disorder that go with the one in bronchitis and the other in skin problems. If one slightly further back in the family history often reveals that one of the grandmother’s or grandfather’s child from bronchitis or a skin problem suffered. You will discover that in your family then you immediately know which way the wind blows.

Light the doctor

Should a hereditary line of skin problems and bronchitis in your family be light as your GP or dermatologist about if your child suffers from one of the two problems. The diagnosis can be made faster in that case because the doctor can find the cause and proper treatment for the problem. Then focused more.

Worsening of skin rash by stress

Moreover, some rashes are made worse by built-up tension and stress. Especially in the face, where there are large blood vessels sit can express this in redness and flaking of the skin on the cheeks, by the nose and even on the forehead. The body folds often get eczema make. In addition, the patient may also have a rash on back and arms. It is a skin very different skin conditions and eczema that comes from contact with certain (sometimes aggressive) substances such as resin, ammonia, benzene, and so on. Which can be cured by lubricating ointment and avoid. Well as the contact with the aggressive materials.


Treatment may be necessary for both a severe bronchitis as a persistent eczema or an annoying, unsightly rashes. Often the problem is to get under control, but the construction continues and the condition can still break out here and there again during the life or worse. Sometimes treating the rash of ointments, as well as drugs in the form of tablets composed can sometimes help.


If not help, find even a homeopathic doctor. Preferably a homeopath who at the beginning has followed. Doctors a study These physicians are more educated and know the limits of the regular health care, where they then want to give. Their own, more focused and more natural response Sometimes the omission of a particular nutrient is sufficient to effect. 

Be alert

If you are in the family recognizes a line of the above problems with you, be alert to any problems of babies in the family. The sooner they are detected, the better.

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