Slimming with Yogurt Diet: Cheap and Easy!

An effective diet that is very popular with French women, it’s yogurt diet. Healthy, inexpensive and easy to follow, this is perfect slimming if you have limited time and want to lose weight. Without feeling hungry The yogurt diet is based on two pillars: food replaced with yogurt and eat more yogurt. With replacement, we mean the use of yogurt instead of high calorie ingredients. In addition, you eat more yogurt, such as breakfast, snack or smoothie.

Why it works

The yogurt diet is effective because it is tasty and nutritious and low in calories. Yogurt contains calcium, B12, B5, iodine, potassium and high quality protein. Furthermore, several studies have shown that yogurt is especially good against excess belly fat and osteoporosis. Yogurt quickly already gives a feeling of fullness and reduces the desire for other high-calorie food, which speeds up weight loss. Make sure that you eat plenty of other nutritious foods besides yogurt, so you do not get deficits in vitamins and minerals that are lacking in yogurt.

The right yoghurt

Choose organic yogurt without additives such as flavorings, preservatives and sweeteners. Yogurt with active culture also promotes the immune system, the good bacteria that fight bad bacteria. Yogurt is a better alternative than milk, because it breaks down the lactose. This yogurt is easier to digest than milk easily. If you want to make the yogurt sweeter than opt for natural sweeteners like honey, agave, and maple syrup.

Self yogurt making

You can save money and assure yourself of a high quality if you make your own yogurt. Many health food stores you can buy packages to grow. (Organic) yogurt itself You can also use other yogurt to make by combining them with milk. Yoghurt Please note, however, that the yogurt you use as a culture containing an active culture of bacteria.

Yogurt as a substitute

Replace the following with you fat yogurt: mayonnaise, sour cream, creme fraiche, whipped cream and cream cheese. Just by eliminating all those stealth calories from your diet, you will lose weight quickly. So you can use yogurt in your dressing, dips and sauces. For hot sauces you first mix yogurt with some cornstarch, and add to the sauce until the end. If you want to replace yogurt, cream cheese, you can “yogurt cheese” make it through to drain until all the whey has been removed. Yogurt through a cheesecloth The yogurt cheese with herbs, you can then mix until a creamy cheese or processed in a cheesecake. You can also use yogurt instead of butter and milk in recipes for pancakes, pies, cakes and cookies.

More eating yogurt

For a good start you morning with a bowl of yogurt to eat for example honey, muesli, granola, fresh or frozen fruit. For an extra sound effects you can be ‘superfood’ to add, such as freshly ground cinnamon, raw cacao nibs, goji berries, coconut shreds or crushed flaxseed. If you eat a snack yogurt smoothie, for example, yogurt and water with berries, cucumber, avocado, nuts or celery. At lunch you eat a salad with yogurt dressing, and / or a soup with yogurt through. In the evening you can combine potatoes or rice with a yogurt sauce and vegetables with a yogurt dip. In addition, you use it in marinades for meat or fish. Marinating in yogurt is an effective method to make the meat. Softer These are just some ideas to add, search for recipes complete with yogurt on the Internet! Yogurt to your diet


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